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My name is Chris Silvestre and I am an Artist and a Storyteller. is where I share my art, animation and ideas about Fatherhood and Life. Visual Story Telling is the most potent form of communication to get a message across. A story can inspire, educate, motivate or entertain. I tell those stories through Caricature Art, Animation, Books, Blogging, Cartoon Illustration, and even Apps.

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About Chris Silvestre

My story begins as the third of four children born to Portuguese immigrants way back in 1979. Since I can remember, I had a pencil in my hand and I was drawing the things around me. I spent a lot of time in the back of classrooms drawing my classmates and teachers. I spent lot of nights and weekends drawing and studying Mad Magazine. I won a few art contests in elementary and middle school and in High School I went to Vocational School for Commercial Arts.
I graduated from Cartoon College; The Art Institute of Philadelphia, specializing in Animation, where I studied classic hand drawn animation as well as 3D animation. After graduation I began drawing caricatures at the local theme park. Next, I moved on to draw and render graphics and animation for training software. During this time I animated personal projects sending them to anyone in the industry that I could. I landed my first full time job as an animator for iCaramba communications working on the first Latino Animated cartoon “La Familia” later renamed Lugar Heights.

Chris Silvestre in front of a Mural he painted

To become a more well rounded artist, I always varied the industries I have worked in.
I have worked as Interactive Art Director in the Advertising Industry. I’ve also built and managed teams to develop training software for the medical device industry.
Now, I am working on my own apps, books and taking commission projects.


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