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  • Roseanne

The Return of Roseanne: The Last Man Standing Might be a Woman

Return of the Queen of Comedy. When I was a kid the Roseanne show was a cutting edge comedy and it was just announced the show will make a comeback to ABC. Coincidentally or [...]

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  • Christmas Card 2016 - The Year of Krampus

Christmas Card 2016 – The Year of Krampus

Beware of the Austrian Christmas Monster... KRAMPUS! We got this idea from a poster contest that a friend suggested for I entered the contest and lost, but I got the card done on time! Here [...]

By |December 22nd, 2016|Categories: Art, Family|1 Comment
  • newworldroninblogpage

Book Review – New World Ronin

New World Ronin is bad ass concept book designed to motivate entrepreneurs and artists, or as this book refers to them, Ronin. Ronin are men who are destined to roam the world and conquer it. [...]

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  • how-to-create-a-fun-head-in-the-hole-board-for-halloween-photos-pinterest-image

How To Create a Fun Head in the Hole Board for Halloween Photos

Last halloween me and the kids created a pair of fun yard decorations and I wrote the is guide to help you to create a fun Head in the Hole Photo Board. Whenever our family passes by [...]

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  • motivate-your-kids-to-brush-their-teeth-featured-image

Motivate Your Kids to Want to Brush Their Teeth

If your kids have teeth, they should probably be brushing their teeth. We know the general rules, and that seem to hold true even today: Brush twice a day, brush for at least two minutes and floss [...]

By |October 10th, 2016|Categories: Health, Parenting|1 Comment
  • miyagi-pinterest

How To Parent Like Mr. Miyagi

Parenting is much easier when we have an example to emulate, Mr. Miyagi from the original Karate Kid trilogy is one of those people for me. Every once in a while as a dad I [...]

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