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Tim Miller Music Video

Animated music video for Tim Miller's 'Who I Am', the hidden track version off his album, Adelaide. The video was directed by Josiah Williams and Chris Silvestre and animated by Chris Silvestre. For more information please visit For more on Josiah Williams check out


The Adventures of Crooked Hillary – The Presidential Debate

The Adventures of Crooked Hillary - The Presidential Debate The Adventures of Crooked Hillary - Part 1 Presidential Debate. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Square off in their first debate. Check out who made it to the first debate in this animated adventure! Please share! [...]


Just JoKing – The Animated Adventures of a Standup Comedian

Just Joking - "Stop Texting" For over 3 years, Josiah Williams and I have been working on the pilot episode of "Just JoKing". From Jo: "The premise is to take his live stand-up recordings and interpret them as a cartoon. I'm very pleased to present to you the very first (hopefully of many) episode. The first [...]


The Black Karate Kid

This is a spoof that I created to help combat Hollywood's obsession with the recycling of ideas. In this story, Will Smith's son is the Black Karate Kid in this faithful remake to the 1984 classic. Also impersonated Jackie Chan and music by Will Smith. In this story, Will Smith's son is the Black Karate [...]


Lugar Heights

My role as the Animation Director for Lugar Heights lasted for over 6 years. My leading of Animators, Voiceover Actors, Writers and interns insured its success. In 2002 Lugar Heights was featured on the Galavision show Galascene. In 2005 it became a half hour series on Mun2. The project was later sold as [...]

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