Picky Nicky: The Nutrition Decision

My New Children’s Book Will Get Kids to Have Fun Learning about Nutrition!
Follow Picky Nicky, a boy who eats only junk food, as he finds himself transformed into a very unhealthy person with instant mac and cheese growing out of his hair and chocolate chips growing out of his skin.

This fun story leads the reader through nutritional facts that are easy to remember and use any time you have a meal. By the end Nicky learns that you truly ARE what you EAT.
• Learn about the macronutrients that make up your diet: Protein, Carbohydrates, and Vegetables.
• Learn how the food you eat affects your mood.
• A few tips to help you/your child to try new and healthy foods a little bit at a time.
• While the story is magical, the tips and facts are very helpful in the real world.
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Picky Nicky: The Nutrition Decision Chris Reads Picky Nicky the Nutrition Decision to Kids in 1st Grade.

Are you the Parent of a Picky Eater?

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Picky eaters are young children that, for one reason or another, refuse to eat the healthy meals that their parents prepare for them. Over the past year and a half, I have been researching and developing a children’s storybook to help kids become healthier eaters called Picky Nicky; You Are What You Eat: The Nutrition Decision. The Picky Nicky storybook embeds the lessons in the story so children can absorb them while being entertained. This guide presents the techniques that I researched and use with my four kids in a straight forward fashion for parents. Enjoy!
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A Parent’s Guide for Picky Eaters FREE