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Project Description

Just Joking – “Stop Texting”

For over 3 years, Josiah Williams and I have been working on the pilot episode of “Just JoKing”.

From Jo: “The premise is to take his live stand-up recordings and interpret them as a cartoon. I’m very pleased to present to you the very first (hopefully of many) episode.

The first one is called “STOP TEXTING”, and deals with the ridiculous campaign that has infiltrated our cities.

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How did you do that?

Jo recorded the audio from a live standup comedy performance in New York. The audience reactions are real, with the exception of Leroy and Jenny’s side conversation.
Most of the characters were drawn with good old pencil and paper. This is easier to quickly workout ideas.
We used Adobe Animate (the artist program formerly known as Flash) to build and animate these characters and tell the story. Everything was composited and some effects were added in After Effects.

Concept to Completion

Just Joking – “Stop Texting”