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Return of the Queen of Comedy.

When I was a kid the Roseanne show was a cutting edge comedy and it was just announced the show will make a comeback to ABC. Coincidentally or maybe not, ABC recently cancelled Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing and they are catching a lot of flack for it. This announcement may be a PR distraction, but that’s fine with me because Roseanne may be just what comedy needs right now.

The Old Roseanne Show

When I was a little kid, the show would come on and I had to watch run to catch the end of the intro to hear that big laugh.
The family was broke. They were loud. They were a family. The show had a a great group of characters that, at the time, were really pushing the social envelope. Looking back at the show it was very feminist and got more so as it progressed. But it wasn’t cliche´at all, especially when compared to today’s formulaic sitcoms.
The characters Fred and Jackie were parents that were never married and Jackie didn’t want to be in a relationship with Fred, who was a typical nice guy. But Fred wasn’t the typical absentee father. He actively fought for custody of their son. Like most dads do in real life. Even today this is a breath of fresh air.
It had gay characters and lesbian kisses and working people that couldn’t pay their mortgage.

John Goodman: Great Actor

John Goodman is one of my favorite actors and he is reprising his role as the dad, Dan Connor on the Roseanne show. He doesn’t always get top billing but when he turns up in a movie I’m watching, like Kong Skull Island, I know I’m in for a treat with his strong characters. He is in some pretty legendary movies too; he was the ultimate golf cart riding villain in Revenge of the Nerds, Babe Ruth in The Babe and in the co-star in the underground classic The Big Lebowski. He is a living cartoon, he was in Cars, Monsters Inc., Emperor’s New Groove and the live action Flintstones movie. He is in a bunch of under the radar movies as well, like Trumbo and he is in some movie about stolen art in WWII with Roseanne co-star George Clooney. I don’t like the more recent skinny John Goodman movies, they are terrible.

Freedom of speech is dying right now.

Safe spaces. Fake News. Shadow Banning. Comedians don’t like to perform at colleges any more because the kids can’t tell the difference between a micro aggression and a joke. The great Dave Chapelle had to/was forced to apologize for saying “Give Trump a Chance”.

The most recent Miss Universe, who is black was decimated in the media because she showed conservative views. Every single channel on TV has an actor playing a comedic version of President Trump while every late night show seems to be working with the same writers. Groupthink is alive and thriving right now.

But Roseanne, from what I have seen, is an independent thinker and not just one to start controversy for controversy’s sake. Unless you count the national Anthem stunt from years ago, but that can be defended in the name of comedy. We can be entertained by people who we don’t agree with.
Today, the real Roseanne seems to me to be the only liberal feminist who took sides against the Clintons. But how you ask, just read through her twitter feed. Her biggest beef with the Clinton’s are because of Bill Clinton’s sexual assault and Hillary’s covering them up.

We need a comedy to push the pendulum in the other direction. Hopefully Roseanne will snap us out of our sitcom slump.
There are two ways I see this show ending: In blaze of glorious comedy controversy or the show will be yanked off the air and never complete its new season. Hopefully she makes it to Halloween because the Halloween episodes are epic.

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